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What is website design

Web design, or web design, is about trying to create a website to provide services, sell a product, or provide information. Website design is a process that consists of layering web pages, generating content, graphic design, and following SEO principles. In fact, if you want to create a powerful website that you can use to bring services, products, or anything else to the first page of Google, you need to follow all the technical and visual principles of designing a website. There are different tasks involved in the process of designing a website. In general, in designing and setting up a site, we need two teams or individuals to design the back-end or the same part of the code and the front-end.                     Back-end design specialist is the person who is responsible for writing different codes to create the main structure of the website.                     In front-end design, everything is done to improve the visual features of a site. In fact, all that the site visitor sees is the result of the work of a Front-end developer, or someone who uses various codes to shape the look of the website.

Site Response:

A responsive site is a site that responds to devices that the user uses to view the site. Simply put, responsive sites are displayed on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktops, in different ways. It must have occurred to you that you entered a site with a laptop and used its services. But when you visit the same site with your mobile phone, you see the site with a different look and exactly the same as a tablet or mobile phone. Responsive site is one of the most up-to-date technologies with which you can implement such features.

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