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Today is the age of online progress. Would you believe that the day would come when even food products would be available online? This progress is moving forward at a rate that you may one day feel you have neglected, so you need to think before you start. You may not yet know what kind of online store to set up. Designing an online store is not just for digital goods, but you can also design a product-based online store like Digikala. So make sure the online store design can have both product and service sales. But the important question is how to design this online store? Or what facilities and people should we use to design an online store? We work with you to answer your questions and bring you closer to your goal.

Minimal features of an online store

An online store site has features that we'll cover briefly:

Ability to record and edit content and product indefinitely

Ability to categorize content and products (‌ Ability to register categories and subcategories indefinitely)

Ability to register users

Shopping Cart System

Ability to connect to the bank portal ("Select the payment method and connect to several ports")

Ability to create a discount code (لیت Ability to define a discount code for specific users, or define a discount for specific products at a specific time‌)

Design a responsive version (‌ Ability to display on tablet and mobile) ‌ Send feedback History Saved Community

Ability to play video, audio files and images in content and products

Ability to record comments and reply to comments ( Comments management section)

Ability to send notifications to desktop and mobile

Ability to chat online (کانPossibility to send and receive files, ‌ Ability to receive user contact numbers or emails automatically)

And other facilities intended by the employer…

The top feature in store site design by second step communications

Store site design is responsive

Responsive design and compliance with all platforms such as Mobile, tablet and desktop

Nowadays, due to the spread of smartphones, most people use mobile phones or tablets to view and search the Internet. Therefore, compliance of the store with all platforms is one of the main features of an advanced store site.

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